garden design ... simple, fast and by yourself

Galashop impressively shows the individually design varity of garden and landscaping products. The user software convinces due to its well thought out and purposely kept simple operational and functional concept.

In contrast to complex construction programs and interactive pattern arrangements, Galashop focuses on the individual photo from the location and on the clients current products.

This combination makes it possible for the user to develop concrete design ideas and to realize that project.

Main features:

  • customized user interface and product libary,
  • direct start of the software without installation,
  • individual user photos as base for the design,
  • user friendly program structure with fast results,
  • automatic quantity determination .

garden landscaping on all devices

Galashop 5ive

Our products and services


Most used software for designing roads, paths, gardens and landscaping


Microsites, responsive webdesign, content management systems,


Multiuser application with database connection, customised function sequence and user interfaces

3D visualization

of architecture and products, animation, creating of surface textures


design and editing of magazins, brochures, flyer, advertisements, displays, banner

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